Hank Green


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Some Info

I'm Hank, I do a bunch of stuff. I'm actually pretty sleepy.

Since 2007, my brother and I have been making videos back and forth to each other (and several hundred thousand people) on a YouTube channel called "Vlogbrothers." It's a really great gig, and that has inspired / allowed me to create or co-create a number of other projects including:

  • Crash Course, a free source for educational videos teaching everything from chemistry to world history to philosophy (6M subs)

  • SciShow, a YouTube channel that celebrates science and informs the world (4M subs).
  • DFTBA.com, which helps online video creators sell their own merchandise ($2M to creators in 2016).
  • VidCon, the world's largest conference celebrating online video (40,000 attendees across 3 events in 2017).
  • Complexly, a production company that makes content that helps people see the world more deeply and fully (2B+ views across all channels).
  • Dear Hank and John, a dubious advice podcast.
  • An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, a novel about fame and the internet and surprise robots (coming fall 2018)
  • The Project for Awesome, a yearly event that raises money from the YouTube community and enlists creators to make videos promoting NGOs.
  • The Internet Creators Guild, a non-profit dedicated to advancing the needs of online creators.
  • DFTBA Games, a table-top game company that pairs game developers with internet creators.
  • Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers, a Nerd Punk band.
  • Subbable, a voluntary subscription / crowdfunding platform (acquired by Patreon.)
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice into video blogs.
  • 2D Glasses, which allow people to watch 3D movies in a crisp two dimensions.

Because of the support of a truly amazing community of people (which happened, as far as I can tell, mostly through amazing luck) I have an uncommon toolkit for creating and launching things. I've used that toolkit quite a lot.

Of course, I have a lot of help. I get really excited by starting new things, but also by assembling and managing teams who help those things prosper once they see some success. 

Most of what I've done, I've done with an eye on how cool my job is, how I can keep doing new things, and how I can help other people have jobs they like as much as I like mine, whether that's empowering independent creators or hiring people to do cool stuff.