Can you come and speak at an event / conference / graduation /  visit a classroom?
Probably not. I really enjoy doing these things when I’m able to, but I am asked far more often than I’m able to say yes. So often, in fact, that I often do the easy thing and don’t respond at all when I’m asked. I’m very sorry about that, but it’s really important that I stick around my office so I can shoot SciShow and Crash Course and lead the teams that run our projects.

Can you say “Hi” / “Happy Birthday” / “Will you Marry Me?” to a special someone in my life who really really matters?
First of all, thank you for caring so much about this person in your life and trying to do a cool thing for them. Second, no, I can’t. I like that you asked, but if I did this for one person, I think I’d have to explain to all of the other people why I didn’t do it for them.

You got a fact wrong in a video.
If it’s SciShow, email here
If it’s Crash Course, email here
If it’s Vlogbrothers, email here

You got an opinion wrong in a video.
That’s not really how opinions work.

Please make a vlogbrothers video / Crash Course series about TOPIC
I appreciate these emails. I probably won’t write back, but I do often choose video topics based on suggestions.

May I show your videos in my class / at my event / in my school project?
Yes please! All Vlogbrothers videos are Creative Commons Attribution licensed (so you can use them as long as you attribute us.) Other shows have more restrictive copyrights due to our relationships with funders, but as long as you aren’t uploading the videos to the internet or broadcasting them, you should feel free to use them.

What happened to Hazel after the ending of your book “The Fault in Our Stars?”
That’s not me...that’s my brother. Also, I don’t know. John doesn’t know. No one knows...the book is, I believe, intentionally non-explicit about this. I think knowing the answer would be contrary to what the book is attempting to teach us.

Can I interview you for my school project?
Alas, I don’t currently have the time to do this. I used to, and I really enjoyed doing it, but those days are, for the moment, gone. 

I need help with my career / YouTube channel.
I probably won’t respond, but you never know! 

Is there anything I can do to help your business, even as an intern or volunteer?
Our businesses aren’t growing super-fast, so we don’t hire that often. But we do have a jobs page up that will have any openings we currently have on it. https://nerdfighteria.com/jobs/